This section contains information on the accessibility of the Grotte de Choranche for people with a disability and/or specific needs.



There are parking spaces in front of the welcome building. If these are all being used, you can turn around in the area in front of the Grotte de Choranche ticket office.

Grotte de Choranche



Bar Grotte de Choranche

Welcome area

The car park, the welcome building (ticket office and bar), Brasserie Le Gournier and the toilets form a public access building. As such, they are all accessible by people with reduced mobility.

From the ticket office to cavern entrance

There is a 300-metre path from the ticket office to the cavern entrance, rising about 100 metres.

People with mobility problems

Arrange for a person to help you, and allow time before your tour start time to walk this distance at a leisurely pace.

Grotte de Choranche
Grotte de Choranche
People in wheelchairs


It is essential that you are accompanied by someone who can help you up and down the path to the cave. 
Take extra time before you leave to walk this distance quietly (300 meters long path with a slope). 
For your safety and that of our other visitors, we reserve the right to refuse access to the cave if you are not accompanied. 

Do not hesitate to Contact us before buying your tickets. 
Tip: during busy periods (weekends, school holidays, public holidays), we advise you to take guided tours in the morning or at the end of the day.

Visiting the cavern

In the Grotte de Choranche, about 80% of the fitted-out route is horizontal, so you can move around quite easily. At the end of your tour, only the Cathedral Chamber, which is reached via a stairway, is not wheelchair accessible. Your guide will suggest that you wait a few minutes for the rest of the group, and then continue the tour.

Grotte de Choranche
Bar Grotte de Choranche


The toilets next to the welcome building have disabled access.

Visually impaired people

The tour trail is in a dark and damp environment, and may be slippery. For safety reasons, visually impaired people must be accompanied.

A relief map of the cavern is available – just ask. 

Before booking (groups or individuals), please contact our staff so we can give you the best possible advice (conditions, visiting times, etc.): Email


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