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Your frequently asked questions

How long does the Grotte de Choranche tour last?
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The cavern tour lasts about an hour. You will travel about 400 metres below 300 metres of rock.

Do you have audioguides for the tour ?
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Yes, we offer audiophones (earphones) to help you hear your guide better. They are distributed just before you enter the cave by your guide to all visitors of Grotte de Choranche aged 4 and over. 

We also offer audioguides for foreign visitors, which you should ask the guide for before your visit, and translation papers in multiple languages. 

What is the gradient in the Grotte de Choranche? How far underground do we go?
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The Grotte de Choranche nestles below 300 metres of rock, at the foot of the Presles Cliffs.

The tour route is 80% horizontal – only the Cathedral Chamber is reached via a stairway. At the end of the tour, there is no climb: the cavern exit is on the same level as the tour route.

Are dogs accepted on site and in the cavern?
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Yes, dogs are tolerated on site and during the cavern tour, if they behave properly and are kept on a lead. Category 1 and 2 dog breeds must wear a muzzle. The guides reserve the right to refuse a dog whose behaviour is considered dangerous to other visitors, or if there are too many dogs.

Can I take photos and videos during the tour?
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Yes, you can take photos without a pod or flash. Selfie sticks are strictly prohibited (except during photography trips when special conditions apply).

What temperature is it in the Grotte de Choranche?
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It is 10°C in the Grotte de Choranche all year round. We advise you to bring warm clothing and closed-toe shoes for the tour.

What Covid-19 measures are in force?
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The Grotte de Choranche has introduced a health protocol so that you can be hosted, and enjoy your tour, with complete peace of mind.

Mask wearing is compulsory for people aged 11 and over. Also, the number of visitors per tour is restricted.

For more details: Our health measures

Can I tour the Grotte de Choranche with a pushchair?
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No, we do not accept pushchairs on the tour. However, you can use them to walk the 300 metres from the ticket office to the cave entrance.

You can then leave them in the porch at the entrance to the cave and collect them on your way out. 

For everyone's comfort, we advise you to take a baby carrier.

There is about 300 metres of road between the ticket office and the entrance to the cave: allow about twenty minutes to reach the entrance of the cave in a relaxed way. Once in the cave, the route is 80% horizontal and includes stairs.

Is there parking? Is it free?
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Yes, we have a free car park with 200 spaces next to the ticket office. 

Please note the park is not in shade, so we invite you not to leave any animals in  your car.

Keep your vehicle locked while you visit, and leave no valuables in sight.

Can I park my motorhome?
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Yes, motorhomes are tolerated in our car parks, but there are no water supply or grey water disposal points.

You are welcome to stay during the day, but you're not allowed to stay the night on our paking all year.  

Is the Grotte de Choranche accessible to disabled adults?
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For wheelchair users:

It is essential that you are accompanied by someone who can help you to walk the 300m path between the ticket office and the entrance to the cave. Take extra time before your departure to cover this distance slowly (path slopes between 7 and 10%). For your safety and that of our other visitors, we reserve the right to refuse access to the cave if you are not accompanied.

For those with mobility difficulties, we recommend that you are accompanied by someone who can assist you.

It is important to contact our services before buying your tickets: Contact us

Tip: during busy periods (weekends, school holidays, public holidays), we advise you to take guided tours in the morning or at the end of the day. 

We have parking spaces next to the ticket office for people with reduced mobility.

The pedestrian path between the reception area and the entrance to the cave is about 300 metres long with a certain difference in height.

The cave tour is 80% horizontal but the Cathedral Room at the end of the tour is only served by a staircase of about 100 steps.

Can I have lunch at the Grotte de Choranche site?
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Our bar terrace is available for bar customers to have a picnic.

Snack Le Gournier offers paninis, tacos, salads, icecreams, etc. Available on weekends at the upper terrace and during the week, only at the bar. 

Our bar and its panoramic terrace are open all year round. 

To safeguard this natural site, picnics are prohibited in our car park, outside the cavern, and on nearby paths.

For more details: Places to eat

Are Chèques Vacances accepted?
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Yes, ANCV Chèques Vacances vouchers are accepted at the Grotte de Choranche ( no change given). 

Since 2021, we have also accepted ANCV Connect e-vouchers, which can only be used to buy tickets online.

Do you have specific rates for groups of adults and children?
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Yes, groups received specific rates, depending on how many people there are. Advance booking is required.

For more details: Adult groups , Schools & leisure and Health/social facilities

Are there concessionary rates?
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Yes, we offer concessions for students, job seekers, and disabled adults. Proof less than 3 months old is required.

For more details: Prices & times

How can I buy my tickets?
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Tickets do not need to be purchased in advance, but we strongly advise you to do so.

You have two options:

- Buy at the on-site ticket office: you choose the date and time of your tour, subject to availability.

- Buy online: you choose the date and time of your tour. You must order your tickets at least 1 hour before your chosen tour starts.


If you're a group or adults or children (about 20 people) or a medical-social facility:

Get preferential rates and book via our dedicated booking service: choranche@visites-vercors.com.

For more details: Groups

What payment methods are accepted?
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We accept various payment methods:

On site: cash, debit/credit cards (except Amex), bank cheques, and ANCV Chèques Vacances vouchers (no change given), PassRégion.

Online: debit/credit cards, and ANCV Connect e-vouchers.


For more details: Prices & times

What can I do after touring the Grotte de Choranche?
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You can enjoy the scenery and our panoramic terrace, while savouring a refreshing drink from our bar, or continue your day out with a trip to the Grotte de Thaïs, a cruise on the Paddlewheel Boat in Saint-Nazaire-en-Royans (26 minutes / 20 km from the Grotte de Choranche) or a trip to the Jardin des Fontaines Pétrifiantes in La Sône (25 minutes / 20 km from the Grotte de Choranche).

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How much does a guided tour of the Grotte de Choranche cost?
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To view prices for each season: Prices & times .

Can I tour the Grotte de Choranche with small children?
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Yes, the tour route is suitable for children and adults of all ages. For very young children, we advise using a baby carrier, so you can move around more easily and keep your baby warm.

Are self-guided tours possible outside of the guided-tour times?
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No, the Grotte de Choranche can only be discovered on a one-hour guided tour.