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Got a question? We invite you to check our FAQ section below to best plan your cruise on board the Bateau à Roue.


Your frequently asked questions

What Covid-19 measures are in force?
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Mask wearing is compulsory for people aged 11 and over in the welcome building, and throughout the cruise. Also, the number of visitors per cruise is restricted.

The Bateau à Roue has introduced a health protocol so that you can be hosted, and enjoy your tour, with complete peace of mind.

For more details: Our health measures

Are dogs accepted on board the Bateau à Roue?
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Yes, dogs are tolerated on board and during the cruise, if they behave properly and are kept on a lead. Category 1 and 2 dog breeds must wear a muzzle. The guides reserve the right to refuse a dog whose behaviour is considered dangerous to other passengers, or if there are too many dogs.

Can I take photos and videos during the tour?
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Taking photos and videos is authorised – and encouraged!

Can I board the Bateau à Roue with a pushchair?
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No, pushchairs are not accepted on board the Bateau à Roue. Please note that the boat is boarded via a stairway of about 10 steps.

For your comfort, we advise you to bring a baby carrier rather than a pushchair.

Are Chèques Vacances accepted?
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Yes, ANCV Chèques Vacances vouchers are accepted for the Bateau à Roue (up to €30 per payment; no change given). 

Since 2021, we have also accepted ANCV Connect e-vouchers, which can only be used to buy tickets online (up to €30 per payment).

How long does the Bateau à Roue cruise last?
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The cruise lasts 1hr30 depending on the season. 

For more details: Times & prices

What distance does the cruise cover?
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You will sail about 17 km between the villages of Saint-Nazaire-en-Royans and La Sône.

Is there a car park? Is it free?
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There is a free car park next to our building, 300 metres from the landing stage.  

It is not in the shade.

Is the Bateau à Roue accessible to disabled people?
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For details: Accessibility

Can I park my motorhome?
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Motorhomes are tolerated in the car park next to our building, by the lake in Saint-Nazaire-en-Royans.

For more details: On-site services

Can I have lunch on board the Bateau à Roue?
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We invite you to visit this section: Places to eat

If you are a group of more than 30 people and wish to take a lunch cruise: Groups

Do you have specific rates for groups of adults and children?
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Yes, groups received specific rates, depending on how many people there are. Advance booking is required.

For more details: Adult groups , Schools & leisure and Medical-social facilities

Are there concessionary rates?
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Yes, we offer concessions for students, job seekers, and disabled people. Proof is required.

For more details: Times & prices

How can I buy my tickets?
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Tickets do not need to be purchased in advance, but we strongly advise you to do so.

You have two options:

- Buy on site: you choose the date and time of your cruise, subject to availability.

- Achat en ligne : you choose the date and time of your cruise. You must order your tickets at least 1 hour before your chosen cruise starts.


If you're a group or adults or children (about 20 people) or a medical-social facility:

Get preferential rates and book via our dedicated booking service: snat@visites-vercors.com

For more details: Groups

What payment methods are accepted?
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We accept various payment methods:

On site: cash, debit/credit cards, bank cheques, and ANCV Chèques Vacances vouchers (up to €30 per payment, no change given), PassRégion.

Online: debit/credit cards, and ANCV Connect e-vouchers (up to €30 per payment).


For more details : Times & prices

What can I do after my Bateau à Roue cruise?
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We offer Smart Deals that let you combine your cruise with a tour of the Grotte de Thaïs and/or a tour of the

Jardin des Fontaines Pétrifiantes

And don’t miss a tour of the Grotte de Choranche, a 30-minute drive away.

Discover !

How much does a Bateau à Roue cruise cost?
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To view prices based on the season, please go to: Times & prices .

Can I go on a cruise with small children?
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Yes, the cruises are suitable for children and adults of all ages. For very young children, we advise using a baby carrier to move around more easily on board.

Does the Bateau à Roue have a shady area (in case of rain or strong sunshine)?
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Yes, the Bateau à Roue has two levels.
The lower deck is fully enclosed, with sheltered seats.

The upper deck only has an awning, which provides protection from the sun.

Can I eat on board the Bateau à Roue?
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No, picnics are not allowed on board the Bateau à Roue.

For more details: Places to eat

Is it hot on board the Bateau à Roue?
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The Bateau à Roue is not air-conditioned. If there is a heatwave, conditions are the same as outside.

How many passengers can the Bateau à Roue carry?
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The Bateau à Roue can carry up to 140 passengers.

For more details: Our health measures

Is the paddlewheel of the Bateau à Roue fake?
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The paddlewheel is fake due to technical and safety reasons. Because of regulations and local conditions, we are prohibited from navigating with a simple paddlewheel propulsion.